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I’ve been a freelance makeup and hair artist for almost forty years, working on countless American and Eurpoean fashion and beauty magazines, advertising campaigns, and these things we used to call album covers. I feel so lucky to still love what I do, sometimes traveling to exotic locations, and meeting fascinating people. It’s from these people and places that I’ve fine-tuned my perspective, constantly remaining excited by the collaborative process of creating images.

I learned how to contour clavicle bones from Liza Minelli and how to use individual false eyelashes from Lisa Marie-Presley. I once met Madonna backstage after a concert to discuss a new look for her. I learned about striving for perfection from the opera diva, Kathleen Battle. I did hair and makeup for the first lady of fashion, Anna Wintour, for several years. I’ve spoken with some of the world’s most famous architects including I.M. Pei and Philip Starke about the merits of feng shui, while doing a spread for G.Q Magazine. Early in my career I spent time in Italy working on fashion magazines, and it's from the Italian editors that I learned the difference between style and fashion, and the dramatic art of restraint. From the timeless beauty, Mia Farrow, I learned to eat a bit of dark chocolate every day. I taught makeup artistry to hairdressers in Japan. When I'm working with the President of Vassar College, I see what she has on her bookshelf! When I work, I always ask myself, “Who, what, where, when, and why?” I try to emphasize the beauty in my subject and the context they will be seen in. While raising my children, much of my work was with brides, and as a principal makeup and hair artist to an international costume company. Lately I've become an iPhoneographer, playing with image blending and compositing, which allows me even greater artistic freedom.